Tatum likes to joke that Stevens only yells at him and Brown.

It’s not far from the truth, but only because Stevens expects so much from the past two drafts’ No. 3 picks.

On the eve of the 2018 playoffs, Brown was reflecting on that tough love and suggested he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Before the start of the playoffs, Horford had fondly reflected on his first playoff experience in 2008, when the upstart Atlanta Hawks pushed Boston’s Big Three to seven games before bowing in the opening round.

Horford said it “shaped my career” and taught him about the “intensity of the playoffs, the way you need to play.” He knows how valuable games like Sunday’s are for Tatum and Brown.

“Nothing prepares you for these moments,” Horford said. “I’ve been impressed with how Jayson and Jaylen have stepped up to the challenge.”

But he also sees how much Brown and Tatum want to win right now, and that’s even more exciting as the Celtics see an opportunity to make noise sooner than most might have expected, considering the circumstances.

Brian Windhorst, ESPN.com: There is a common-sense pull toward the Thunder’s incredible second-half run in Game 5 being fool’s gold, the product of a white-hot Russell Westbrook spurt plus some unfortunate foul trouble. I can see that.

But what if it isn’t? Playoff series have turned on less. And while I expect the Jazz to be great in their building in a closeout game, I recognize the Thunder’s potential combined with a new pressure that exists on Utah now.

André Snellings, ESPN Fantasy: Cavs at Pacers. LeBron James turned in a highlight reel to lead the Cavs to that controversial Game 5 win, and the Pacers are upset that goaltending wasn’t called.

But the Cavaliers have struggled all series long, and if the Pacers win at home they have a legitimate shot to sneak out the series win. If the Cavs still have their usual championship aspirations, they really need to end this series on Friday.canucks_1347

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