Oilers retain Todd McLellan, ax two assistants

Todd McLellan will return as coach of the Oilers next season without assistants Ian Herbers and Jim Johnson.

The team said Friday that McLellan will keep his job and that Herbers and Johnson have been relieved of their duties.

“Over the last, I would say over the last 10-12 years since Adrian Peterson came out, the only guys I think that we’re close to Adrian in terms of the evaluation was Todd Gurley and it’s this kid. And they’re even better receivers than Adrian coming out.”

“His cutting ability, his balance — I can say Barry [Sanders], myself and Emmitt [Smith] in terms of his agility, being able to hop from one hole to the next, explode through the hole, stop on a dime, back up. You’ll see him do all that stuff, jump over people, keep his balance,” Tomlinson said. “When you think about the power, he has the power of a Todd Gurley to run through tacklers.

“But here’s the thing that’s different: I don’t know if I’ve seen a big running back like Saquon being able to run routes out of the backfield like he has been able to do. I was 5-11, 220 running routes. But that’s 230, 6-feet. He’s a lot bigger.”

Prigioni spent most of his professional career in Spain and won a bronze medal with Argentina in the 2008 Olympics before coming to the New York Knicks in 2012 as a 35-year-old rookie. He spent four years in the NBA with the Knicks, Rockets and Clippers.

Splitter helped San Antonio win the 2014 NBA championship before spending the final two seasons of his seven-year career with Atlanta and Philadelphia. The Nets said Splitter, who also played for Brazil’s national team, will have added duties related to player on-court development.

Every Atlanta starter except catcher Kurt Suzuki had at least one hit, including pitcher Sean Newcomb, who also was enjoying watching and being part of the youth movement.

“It’s been fun,” said Newcomb, in his second big league season. “We’re winning and we have a lot of young guys. We have a lot of chemistry.”

Newcomb gave up four runs, five hits and three walks in six innings. He allowed just two hits through four innings, but Cincinnati tied the score in a four-run fifth that included Joey Votto’s three-run homer. Votto has homered in three straight games for the sixth time.

Bailey allowed four runs and seven hits in five innings.

“My goal was to go deep in the game,” Bailey said.steelers_062

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