the Kansas City Chiefs faced their own crisis with starting running back Spencer Ware getting carted off.

He was instantly ruled out of the game by the team, with his injury being a potential season-ender, as well. The Chiefs reportedly believe that Ware suffered a PCL injury, and his ACL is fine. He’ll have an MRI on Saturday.

We got a similar scare last week when Odell Beckham Jr. was injured on a dangerously low tackle to the legs. He escaped with a simple ankle sprain, but the takes were hot and flowing after that incident. Now Edelman and Ware are out, forcing two playoff contenders to make do without pivotal offensive contributors.

“I said, ‘We feel like it’s important to study long-term impacts: What are the long-term consequences of subconcussive impacts'” on the brain, Stitzel recalled in an interview. “And the answer was: ‘That’s not in the scope of what we are trying to evaluate.'”

The NFL’s approach to head trauma was already comical before Thursday’s report. It had conveniently left out more than 100 concussions from a database it used to downplay the frequency of head injuries. It relied on faulty data to claim that its Heads Up Football program worked, when in truth there was no correlation between the program and fewer concussions. And it relies on a concussion protocol that is woefully inadequate for the job it is tasked to do.

The fact that the first study conducted by the NFL into concussions is about jockeys is telling. The NFL has claimed it was simply bumbling before. Now it is even more clear that it simply doesn’t give a shit about its sport or the people who play it.

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